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Quienes Somos

About Us


Our mission is to help develop students who are honest, responsible, and self-assured through the development of their emotional, physical and mental abilities so that they may accomplish any goal they set. Our purpose is to mold young people who are invested in their intellectual and emotional growth and are willing to be members of a constantly changing society.

Our Profile

Colegio Ingles is a privately run secular, co-educational, private institution, affiliated with the Quintana Roo Department of Education (Secretaria de Educación de Quintana Roo-SEQ). We offer a bilingual (Spanish-English) constructivist educational system.

Colegio Ingles is characterized by its ideology and philosophy which is based on the freedom of choice and responsibility of our students and staff.

This allows them to develop their self-esteem and knowledge of human values while providing our educational community with an orderly working environment as well as clearly organized and prioritized objectives.

Our school’s internal organization is based on students’ academic process elaborated under the structure of the ISO-9000 procedures.

We have the support of professors who are reflective, critical, transformative. and innovative in their work; they are leaders in search of success and dedicated to their profession as educators.

Our Experience

Student Profile

Students at Colegio Ingles are human beings sure of themselves who believe, love, and respect who they are. They know and understand human values and embody them on a daily basis.

Our students are leaders with high academic levels who think and analyze in order to solve any challenge they may encounter in life.

Our students continuously set goals in their emotional and intellectual lives and understand the importance of an athletic discipline which forms part of their daily lives.

They are motivated and prepared to continue their studies at any university in the world.

Educational Model

Significant learning

Learning skills development:

  • * Reasoning
  • * Analysis
  • * Synthesis


Students design

their own learning

Recall of previous knowledge

Learning Strategies:

  • * Mental maps
  • * Active collaboration
  • * Interaction
  • * Projects