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  • admisionesci@colegioinglesplaya.com

Admissions Documentation

To enroll please bring the following documents to the admissions office:

  • Birth Certificate - Original and 2 copies.
  • CURP - 2 copies.
  • Report Cards - Original and 2 copies from the previous school and original and 2 copies of the report cards provided by the SEP or SEQ (If the student comes from another state please bring the report cards from 1st grade in Elementary through the current year).
  • For students entering 1st grade in Elementary, 7th grade in Junior High and 10th grade in High School please bring the SEP or SEQ certificate, proof of studies letter, as well as the grades earned at the previous school.
  • Letter of recommendation from the previous school indicating good student behavior.
  • Medical certificate specifying current health and blood type of the student.
  • Copy of Fm3 if the student is a foreigner.
  • Child size (tamaño infantil) color photographs with the student wearing the Colegio Ingles uniform. (Preschool - 4 photos, Elementary, Junior High and High School - 2 photos each).