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High School

The Colegio Ingles High School offers you the opportunity to fully develop your skills and abilities, with the objective of helping you achieve your dreams.

You will grow and learn in a respectful environment with professors who expect excellence. We offer courses and activities that will make your experience here unforgettable.

Our Students

Develop values and habits through fun activities and themes.

Choose and practice healthy life styles.

Develop critical and reflexive thinking.

Are team workers.

Value and learn to appreciate all genres and expressions of art.

Express and communicate effectively.

Are self-motivated life-long learners.

Are responsible members of society.

Docentes Preparatoria

Our Educators

Stand out for their knowledge, abilities, skills and the attitude necessary to provide a quality educational experience which contributes to the formation of our students.

Nuestras Aulas

Provide a respectful and harmonious environment.

Have established norms permitting an organized and peaceful educational learning environment.

We utilize digital resources such as "intelligent" classrooms, iPads and laptops which allow our teachers to provide dynamic and well prepared lessons and activities.


Our academic program covers all the required SEP content.

Our evaluations have a forward-thinking focus which creates learning opportunities.

The educational curriculum is divided into 6 semesters; students begin Business Administration courses and training in the 3rd semester.

Senior year (3rd year) we offer 4 academic areas: Adminstrative-Economy, Social Sciences-Humanities, Biological Sciences, and Mathematics-Physics.

In additional we offer the following extracurricular activities: mechatrononics and photography which allow our students to develop their creative skills and abilities.

We offer vocational orientation and university visits.

Colegio Inglés has an arrangement with several universities facilitating the admission's process.

  • Tecnológico de Monterrey UDLA Puebla Universidad Anáhuac
  • Universidad Panamericana UVM UDEM
  • UAG Universidad del Mayab Instituto Culinario