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Junior High School

Our educational program helps students:

Develop analytical thinking and multiple intelligence competencies.

Develop significant learning.

Practice team work.

Recall previous knowledge.

Think critically.

Develop decision making skills.

Take the initiative.

Listen to different points of view and present an informed opinion.

Search for alternative solutions.

Communicate in an effective manner.

Nuestras Aulas
Nuestras Aulas

Provide a respectful and harmonious environment.

Have clearly established norms permitting an organized and peaceful educational learning environment.

Utilize digital resources such as "intelligent" classrooms, iPads and laptops which allow our teachers to provide well prepared and dynamic lessons and activities.

Our academic program covers all the required SEP content. Our evaluations have a forward-thinking focus which creates learning opportunities. Additionally, we offer the following workshops:


Our academic program also
includes French language classes